Disastrous Singapore Trip…Part 1

I happened to be in Singapore on business last week. One of the worst trips I have ever made. It started with no accommodation being available because of ‘Communic Asia’. I had to put up at the Company Guest House. It wasn’t too bad after all. This was followed by the Matrix guys giving me a SIM & phone but providing me with an incorrect number. Net result – people are trying to reach me but are getting through to someone else. Thankfully was able to fix this with the help of my company’s telecom guy. Next, the night before the trip, the laptop adapter blew up leaving me stranded. Thankfully, a helpful friend came to the rescue by offering his spare adaptor which was compatible with my laptop. Finally, I was ready to embark on the trip

Reached Bangalore Airport, and there was a drill going on. Manual check-in of passengers ! to cover eventualities in case the systems go down.  What takes 5 minutes, took 30 minutes. No hard feelings here though. I was hungry so I ordered a pizza at Pizza hut. I thought I was hungry so ordered a Medium. Unfortunately, I forgot that I was in India and Pizza’s come loaded with CHEESE. I was barely able to push half of it down my throat and finally washed it down with a cup of tea. TEA….some saving grace. Then, I thought I should get some work finished as I had some urgent deliverables to close. Only after scouting around for some 10 minutes did I realize that there are no power points at the international terminal to connect your laptop ! Holy Cow ! However, I managed to think of a scrupulous plan and was able to hook my laptop up. Mum’s the word on where exactly šŸ˜‰ . I finally boarded the flight without any eventuality.

More in the next post…Below is an image of the Merlion which is synonymous with Singapore. Taken Handheld with the Pentax A 50mm F1.7 at ISO 400 



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