Disastrous Singapore Trip…Part 2


back to the keyboard…I have been pretty occupied through the week…work, home obligations, visiting friend, etc, etc…hence could not pen Part 2 till now. So here I am…

Well the Journey to Singapore for uneventful, thankfully! However, I would make a special mention to the braised lamb served onboard Singapore airways, which I stuffed myself on, inspite of the heavy pizza I had had, only a couple of hours ago 🙂

However, as luck would have it, no sooner did I land at the Changi airport, I could sense a sore throat coming. By the time I boarded the cab and reached the guest house, it was getting worse. I thought some rest might do me good, so I brushed and showered and hit the sack. But how could I get sleep at 9 in the morning? I tossed and turned in bed for an hour or so, finally got up frustated and decided to get to work. But the throat was getting worse and I now had a hard time swallowing too. So I got ready and stepped out of the guest house (which I must say was pretty good, much beyond my expectations) to get myself some salt, to gargle the sore throat off. It was only then did I realize that how bad a humidity level of 79% can get. Within minutes I was sweating and was wet down to my core….eek! Anyways purchased some salt at the local grocers along with some milk, juice and cookies…back to the guest guest house, a quick gargle…did not do much good but still decided to get to work.

Just as I was about to hail a cab, I realised I was getting pretty hungry so thought I should grab a quick bite. So off I went to ‘Swensens’ at the nearby mall and ordered meself some pasta bake. They had a lunch special going….a dessert free with mains….holy canoli !!! unfortunately all desserts were ice-cream based 😦 so I had to contend myself with a Mochachinno….

Getting late on a Saturday now so think I should hit the sack lest the wife wakes up and gives me the nasty stare…more in Part 3…

before I go….the picture above is of the Marina Quay taken handheld with the Pentax A 50mm f1.7 on my Pentax K200D


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