Disastrous Singapore Trip……Part 3

Buzy sunday morning….expecting a friend over in the afternoon..hence a lot of cleaning up to do 🙂 … So where did we leave off…ah yes!..I  had taken off to work with a bl**dy sore throat…

Thankfully when I reached office, I was told that there were no presentations or meetings scheduled for that day…I heaved a sigh of relief as the throat was not holding up…after every couple of hours I used to hit the restroom to gargle the infection off..

Since there was nothing scheduled that day, I took off in good time to hit the ‘Lim Sim Square’, a mecca for electronics freaks…I wanted to check out an upgrade for my SLR but realized in some time that it would set me back by around $1500, so decided otherwise. One thing which surprised me was that Pentax did not even have a miniscule market share in Singapore too. In some places, when I asked for Pentax, people started at me as if I had shouted ‘bloody murder’….however, in about 45 minutes I realized my throat was getting worse and my body was failing me. I hailed a cab and went back to the guest house, but not before catching another set of mains at ‘Swensons’ with a free soup, drink and ice-cream (which I had to opt out of). Post this I went back, took a couple of gargles in saline water and crashed. But with the throat this bad, sleep was hard to come by. I could barely swallow and woke up after every couple of hours.

Thankfully it was light soon, I got up and got ready for work. Had an early meeting scheduled. I could feel the throat getting better but a massive cold coming up which I dreaded.

I felt a strange problem in Singapore. You step out and within minutes you are drenched because of the high humidity. You steup back in and a massive blast of chilled air hits you as all places have the aircon on at 16-18 deg with the fans at maximum speed. So is the case with all the cabs. It literally kills your body. Later when I spoke to other colleagues about this, they mention that they feel this way too.

Anyways, the day passed through with a couple of meetings and eveybody commenting that my condition was deteriorating. I went to the nearest pharmacy, bought some Vitamin C’s and a Panadol (Paracetamol) and popped them in. An hour or so later, I was feeling much better so stuck around at work. Took off in the evening and thought I will visit another electronics mall in the city. Landed there but in a few minutes felt my legs giving way, so took a cab back to the guest house and rested for a while, after popping in another panadol.

After a while, I thought of grabbing some dinner but did not feel like going too far, so landed back at Swensons with the three free add-ons (no ice-cream though). Back again to the guest house and and crashed after a couple of saline gargles and panadol. The fever and body pain were getting worse and worse. This was getting BAD. I thought if this did not get better by next day, I will have to see the doctor.

Ah…the friends are here. Need to log off…more in Part 4…but before I go, the picture below taken at the Marina Quay with the Pantax A 50mm at f1.7 with the K200D.



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