North Indian Dosa

I take a break from the narration of the Singapore trip to share my experiences of cooking Dosa’s at home. While I can manage most of the basic cooking items, being from the northern part of India, my culinary skills are limited to dishes from the region. However, I do enjoy delicacies from Southern India but have never tried my hands at it.

The other day, the Mrs was exhausted, after back to back work related calls, and I was ordered into the kitchen to do the Dosa’s, while she had already done the Potato Masala. The batter for the Dosa’s was ‘readymade’ so she was expecting a decent output. I said I will do the ‘Roti’s but Mrs wanted to have the Dosa’s.

As some of my South Indian friends know it, it wasn’t as easy as it seems. What should be the optimal temp of the hot plate, how much batter to be poured in one shot, how much oil to be used and worst of all, who knew you need to add some salt to the batter. There was nobody to answer the questions. “YouTube’ could have come to the rescue, but there was no time. It was getting late.

There I was. Pouring the batter on the hot plate, which would stick to the plate like glue because I had not used enough oil, or spilling the batter all around the kitchen, or if I was able to do one side of the dosa well, there was nobody to tell me that it is not required to turn it around to cook the other side, it is just supposed to be that way. Apparently, I was still in the “Paratha” mode.

By the end of it all, the kitchen looked like war zone and I knew the cockroaches will have a whale of a time that night if it was not cleaned up. It took me another 30 minutes to clean up the whole mess.

Wife’s reaction ‘They are not that bad. Pretty darn good!’. My friends at work know otherwise!

Before I go, a picture of Buddhist Monks, reciting their daily prayers at the Golden Temple Monastery at Bylakuppe, Karnataka. Taken with the Pentax 18-250mm lens at ISO 800 on the Pentax K200D





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