Quote at a Restaurant (Disastrous Singapore Trip…..Part 5)


The above picture was taken at the Raffles Quay, shot with the Pentax A 50mm f1.7 at ISO 400 with my Pentax K200D during my last night at Singapore.

It was the last day at Singapore. I woke up and packed my stuff. I know  would have very little time post my last meeting of the trip, to come back, pick up my stuff and then take off.

I was back to the ‘The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’ for a ‘one for one free’ breakfast and then to the office. Not too bad a Friday morning, it passed peacefully and soon I found myself heading to grab some lunch before I took off for my final presentation.

This lunch place also served basic Indian cuisine. While I am not too high on Indian food while travelling  was tempted to order a Biryani because a slogan on the wall said – “Exotic Indian Food – It’s one thing to have the best ingredients from far  away lands, another to have a nagging Indian Chef in the kitchen” or something like it J. I could not help but smile and ordered Indian food.

I went back to the office, picked up my laptop and joined the sales guy to the customer place. We reached there, only to find that the customer was busy and would take some time before he is available. My pulse started rising, I am generally the one who prefers to be at the airport way ahead of time. Hence,  I  checked-in online and printed my boarding pass to save some time. Finally the client manager was available and I made my presentation and was out on the street trying to hail a cab.

As luck would have it, no cabs in this deserted part of town. I waited and waited and waited and after about 20 minutes finally got a cab. I requested him to take me to the guest house and wait there while I collected my luggage and then take me to the airport. The cab driver was fine with the arrangement. I reached the guest house in good time thanks to the non-peak hour, paid the driver and ran to the apartment to pick up my luggage. By the time I came the taxi was gone. Low Behold ! I shouldn’t have paid him for the last trip.

Thankfully, I was able to hail another cab in no time and was finally on the way to the airport…



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