Where’s the BOMB ! (Disastrous Singapore Trip – Part 6)


The above picture was taken at the Raffles Quay, shot with the Pentax A 50mm f1.7 at ISO 400 with my Pentax K200D during my last night at Singapore.

Finally at Singapore airport, I realized I have made it in good time. Thanks to the online check-in and printed boarding pass, I was able to breeze through the check-in process and had almost 2 hours before the flight time.

I thought I should use this time to start blogging about the trip, but I could not find any place to power up my laptop. I felt this was strange considering the hi-tech airport, so I walked and walked the length and breadth of the airport trying to find a power point. I did this for about an hour and finally when I was about to give up, he presto, I find this bank of desks with power points for laptop users. I heaved a sigh of relief but with only one hour to go I realized did not have much time.

I hooked up my laptop and powered it up only to find that a separate registration is required which needs a local mobile number. I thought I was lucky that I had one and filled in the registration form online. I did not receive any password on my mobile for the next 10 minutes. So I rechecked if I had entered the correct number and Hey Presto! I find that I had entered the wrong number L I call the airport IT helpdesk only to find that they cannot help me with this issue and I will need to contact their service provider. What the crap !!! I gave up and packed my bags as only had 30 min left before the flight.

I turn around to check the flight time table and find the status of my flight ‘GATE CLOSING’. I cursed Singapore Airlines for closing the gate this soon and started running to my scheduled gate. The gate was on the other end of the airport. I thought I was going to miss my flight for sure this time and started running at breakneck speed with my backpack on my back. Everyone was staring at me (I generally stand out with my head gear) thinking…”Where’s the BOMB”.  

By the time I reach the gate, breathless and about to collapse, I realize that the boarding has just started. I query the crew on the status of the flight as stated on the timetable and the response I get is…”Sir, another 15 minutes before the gate closes J” . I cursed like hell and finally boarded the flight, praying to God to let this be the last mishap before I get home.

 Thankfully, the flight landed at Bangalore without any problems apart from the fact that the crew forced their choice of food on me rather than the one I wanted because they were short in supply. I hated the food but after all had happened on the trip, I just chose to ignore it.

 That was the end of the sojourn which I have chronicled over 6 posts. Adios Singapore !




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