Melbourne revisited !


A straight from the camera JPEG with no post processing, this one from the Archives, taken one fine Friday evening from atop Princesses Bridge, Melbourne CBD. I was clicking after work when the Mrs. joined and wanted to dine. I had to blackmail her into tagging along with me while I clicked before we went to dine. Score!

This one was taken as a long exposure with the Pentax 18-250mm lens supported on the K200D. In the absence of the tripod I rested the camera on one of the handrails

I know I have been out of production for a while. Too many things in the past few months happening on the personal as well as on work front. My old man had an accident and broke his collar bone. It is nearing 3 months now and is still struggling to get the motion back in his left. Thank heavens he is healing well, keeping my fingers crossed. Of late I came to realize that shit happens. It happened with a close associate, rather one of the closest. He is still trying to put the pieces together. Another cousin is still recovering from major ailment. There seems to be no end to it.

Work life balance has been going downhill as well. Have been travelling frequently (that too looooooong distance) because of work and have had to spend unearthly hours at work. Another travel is slated soon. This one again loooong distance, not as long as the previous one).

I thought I will get back to Providence Photos once things settle down but have off late realized that these will go on. Hence, Here I am, Here I am, Here I am!