Cathédrale des Saints-Michel-et-Gudule


Off late, I have found out that the keyboard seems to be a good mechanism to vent out your frustration. Plus the colors captured by the pin hole help me preserve my sanity.HOwever, the pin hole seems to be getting more and more complex and expensive day by day.

This is the pciture of, perhaps the biggest Cathedral, or should I say, the most visited Cathedral in downtown Brussels. As soon as you step inside, you are hit by the silence and all outside noise drowns out. This was taken again with the 18-250 mm lens on the K200D.

There are some stories of my walkathon in Brussels which I will start narrating in subsequent posts. Stay tuned !



Fire in the Sky !



We give Belgium a break with this picture. This one was taken one fine evening from my bedroom balcony in Bangalore with the 18-250mm lens.

There was intense drama in the skies as if someone had taken a brush and painted the sky red and amber with a large paint brush. I could’nt help but fish out the camera and capture the shoot.

Meanwhile I have been facing some technical issues with autoposting to my Facebook Page from posterous. I hope to get it sorted out soon.

Some more pictures coming up soon

Brussels Night Lights



Editing the Post…

I had been struggling with the issue of washed out colors as I exported my pictures from Lightroom. After wasting a few hours I have finally been able to determine the root cause of the issue. Alas, Digital Photography is not as simple as it seems. This is the revised image.


Some more from Belgium.

The Hotel where I stayed proudly displayed that the 29th floor had an ‘Entertainment Floor’ with spa, sauna, gym, the works. I was all excited that I should get a good view from the 29th Floor. The day I finished my client presentation, I came back to the hotel and rushed to the ‘Entertainment Floor’, only to find that it was a series of room with little or no visibility. 

I scouted around and finally saw a fireescape which allowed me to peep through a tiny window and capture these lights. 

As I export these from lightroom, I see some loss of vividness and colour. Will need to check what sems to be the problem. Taken with the Pentax 35mm f2.4 on the Pentax K200D


The Beer Temple !


Stories from Belgium. A walkabout on a cold wet autumn day in the Belgium capital gave me some interesting pictures. I was surprised to find out that Belgium was one of the biggest and most developed places in Europe. Maybe my perceptions from watching too much ‘Hercule Poirot’ led me to believe that it would be a rustic place. Infact, the reality was far from contrary. 

Right outside the Information center in the centre of the town is ‘The Beer Temple’. No, it is not a landmark but a shop with an interesting facade and all the more interesting name. The reflections from across the steet spoil the picture. I think the next thing I now need to invest on is a polarizer.

This picture was taken with the Pentax 18 – 250 mm on my Pentax K200D. This is my favourite travel lens and is perhaps the most versatile, always giving consistent results.

More exploits from Belgium soon.



Work takes me to the land of Tintin and Hercule Poirot this week. Both Mrs and I are fairly high on these characters, hence she was not very happy at seeing me fly alone. Life has been on a roller coaster for the past few months. Another not so good news drops in. I have no other option left but to start taking them in my stride. There is just too much muck floating around and I would rather not get drenched by it.

This picture was taken outside my sister-in-law’s place, whom I happened to visit during my last trip to the US of A. The driveway ended right below the window and I  loved the way the soft, warm light was getting diffused by the curtains. It gave a very homely (as if it was something else) look when looking from the outside. I couldn’t help but click the window with the newly acquired Pentax 35mm f2.4 on the Pentax K200D.

Let’s hope I can take some time out in Belgium to get you some cartoon paraphernalia. So long then, Adios !

Speedy !


This one was taken from a moving car on my last visit to the US of A, not very far from Times Square. Taken with my new Pentax 35mm f2.4  on the Pentax K200D. I must say I am not very happy with this lens. I think my 30+ year 50mm F1.7 is much sharper an much better than this new age lens. Have been trying it out over multiple instances in low light but I am not thoroughly overjoyed. Let’s hope I find better use for it