The Beer Temple !


Stories from Belgium. A walkabout on a cold wet autumn day in the Belgium capital gave me some interesting pictures. I was surprised to find out that Belgium was one of the biggest and most developed places in Europe. Maybe my perceptions from watching too much ‘Hercule Poirot’ led me to believe that it would be a rustic place. Infact, the reality was far from contrary. 

Right outside the Information center in the centre of the town is ‘The Beer Temple’. No, it is not a landmark but a shop with an interesting facade and all the more interesting name. The reflections from across the steet spoil the picture. I think the next thing I now need to invest on is a polarizer.

This picture was taken with the Pentax 18 – 250 mm on my Pentax K200D. This is my favourite travel lens and is perhaps the most versatile, always giving consistent results.

More exploits from Belgium soon.


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