Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles in a thundering typhoon !


Dig this. As always, I develop stomach flu after four continuous days of imbibing exotic foods, as part of the marriage ceremonies in Delhi and finally miss the fifth, The Grand Finale L . I had to cancel my trip to the Taj Mahal as well, and rather than perambulating around the streets of Agra, I am sitting in the balcony in the warm winter sun cursing my blessed luck, while drawing inspiration from Captain Haddock.

During my visit to Belgium last month, I happened to visit the Comic Museum. They had miniatures of most of the popular cartoon characters on display for sale. I went to the sales lady, gestured towards my big long camera lens, trying to communicate in the local Flemish language, ‘OK to take pictures?’ She nodded in the affirmative and then there was no looking back. Tintin, Captain Haddock, Asterix and Obelix, you name it, all were imprisoned on the camera sensor in a matter of minutes. I also bought Tintin and Captain Haddock coffee mugs as souvenirs for ‘The Mrs.’.  You should always keep your better half happy, especially when you are off gallivanting alone. And so, the Wise Man speaketh. Ahem! Ahem!


Ki aj mera ji karda (My heart yearns…)


It is the wedding season in North India and we are in Delhi this week for some family weddings. As always, I could not resist the temptation to leave my photography paraphernalia back home. The vibrant colors of the Indian weddings, augmented by the nearest and dearest meeting after years at these joyous occasions, add to the spirit of festivities.

Pictured above is ‘The Mrs.’ 🙂 with her cousin on the occasion of  his ‘Shagun’, a day before the marriage. I pushed my 18-250mm to check if I could shoot without flash in the low light, but finally gave up to the 35mm f 2.4.  This was one of the most vivacious pictures of the lot from this morning’s ceremony. Off late, I have started portraits and have a number of them to showcase, but need the consent of the ‘subjects’ before I post them online. This was family, so I took the liberty. Many more to come.




Another one from the La Grand-Place. This one from a different angle. Since I could not fit the entire scene into my 35mm for want of length and breadth of the courtyard, I had little option but to capture the place in all its glory from different angles.



Another one from the visit to Belgium taken with the Pentax 35mm f2.4. Belgium, as many of you know is famous for Chocolates. In and around “Da Grand-Place”, you see chocolatiers lined up and their shopfronts showcasing the greatest of chocolate based goodies. This is one of the many famous chocolatiers around “Da Grand-Place”. While “Godiva” is perhaps one of the most well known ones outside of Belgium, I was surprised to find that this is not the case within Belgium. Not very different from “Fosters”, Australian for Beer 🙂 which is hardly preferred inside Australia.

An evening in Brussels


La Grand-Place, Brussels

I have been out of production for a while. Too many things happening on the personal front and have not been keeping well. I am back in action, atleast for the time being. La Grand-Place is one of the most architecturally celebrated buildings in Brussels. I was walking around with my Pentax 35mm f2.4 primarily because of the large aperture to accommodate low light shots. The Grand Place has a central courtyard and which is surrounded by the buildings on all four sides. Hence, a wide angle is must. I missed the 18mm end of y 18-250mm. Anyways, I made the most of what I had. Atleast, it helped me capture the shots handheld in the absence of my tripod.