Ki aj mera ji karda (My heart yearns…)


It is the wedding season in North India and we are in Delhi this week for some family weddings. As always, I could not resist the temptation to leave my photography paraphernalia back home. The vibrant colors of the Indian weddings, augmented by the nearest and dearest meeting after years at these joyous occasions, add to the spirit of festivities.

Pictured above is ‘The Mrs.’ 🙂 with her cousin on the occasion of  his ‘Shagun’, a day before the marriage. I pushed my 18-250mm to check if I could shoot without flash in the low light, but finally gave up to the 35mm f 2.4.  This was one of the most vivacious pictures of the lot from this morning’s ceremony. Off late, I have started portraits and have a number of them to showcase, but need the consent of the ‘subjects’ before I post them online. This was family, so I took the liberty. Many more to come.



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