The Ride !


The Indian Wedding season and the wedding infrastructure and supporting capabilities are in great demand. The party halls are booked months in advance, DJ’s are the flavor of the ‘generation’ and are a must have at all weddings and numerous, wedding caterers are lapped up within the blink of any eye and countless other skills which are otherwise less sought after.

One such item in great demand is the ‘Ghodi’, or the Mare. According to Punjabi Traditional weddings, the Groom arrives for the wedding ceremony on a mare. The mare is dressed up in ceremonial robes and adorned with ‘bling’ before the Groom mounts the mare to proceed for the marriage ceremony. This one of the mare was taken as the groom was on way to the ceremony. Taken with the Pentax 35mm f2.4 on the K200D on an overcast winter day.



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Back to Belgium, where I visited the St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral. This picture is of a separate space in one corner of the church away from the main alter, I am assuming designed to be a place to be at peace with oneself, to meditate and to be in harmony with the supreme being.

Shot handheld with the Pentax 18-250mm on the Pentax K200D, it was tricky to get it correct without any camera shake, but a couple of shots and finally managed to get it right.

Ghadoli (The Ceremonial Water Pot)


Back from Delhi and still recuperating from the ill health. Meanwhile, I thought I will revisit the cultural nuances which we have left behind. The ceremony of Ghadoli, where the Sister-in-Law draws water from the nearby well (it’s only a tap these days) and the bride / groom is required to bathe using this water in the morning before the marriage.

We had reached late for the ceremony at this time, just when the Sister-In-Law was returning after filling up the ceremonial pot. Shot with the Pentax 35mm f2.4, against the light, I had to switch to manual focus as the autofocus did not have sufficient light to focus properly.