Shining Glory


There have been too many things going on lately. No matter how much I would like to get down to my blog, there are other pressing things. The end of January saw Mrs. and I heading off for a long weekend break to Pondicherry or ‘Puducherry’ as the locals would now have it.

Actually it was a last minute plan and we gave it a go. The place turned out to be more of a French experience rather than one of a coastal South Indian town. The town is still inhabited by a large number of French and other European foreign nationals who prefer to call Pondicherry thier home. A nice place by the sea, Pondicherry is as lazy as you can get.

The trip was planned with another colleague from work and his Mrs. All four of us decided to hit the beach early morning for the sunrise. I know landscapes generally don’t go well vertically but thought I would give it a shot as a future magazine cover. Shot with the Pentax K200D with the Pentax 18-250mm on the Tripod


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