I’m Famous !


Everybody gets a chance to be in the limelight, atleat once in a lifetime. This is the time when your life is about to change forever. The moment in time when you are being escorted to say the words 'Yes, I do'. in Indian parlance, it is the moment before the final marriage rituals. A series of ceremonies over the course of a week.
Shot with the Pentax K200 with the 35mm f2.4 at a family wedding in Delhi

Ball of Fire



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A few kilometers away from the Pondicherry city center is ‘Auroville’. While the primary structure here is the Meditation center, the area sorrounding it is a small village inhabited by a number of French with lovely patisseries and eatries every few hundred meters.You see a number of foreign nationals prancing around on old beaten up Hero Honda’s, Kinetic Honda’s and other similar two wheelers. Honestly, I would have seen more foreigners than localites in this area.
A closeup of the ‘Ball of Fire’ taken one early morning at sunrise at Pondicherry. Taken with the Pentax K200D and the 18-250mm on the tripod.