Mountain Man


During our last last trip to Nandi Hills, we stopped at the base of the hils for a call of nature 🙂 We took the opportunity to get some pictures as well. This old man approached us for some help and my Dad fished out some dough from his pocket and gave it to the old man. As the old man stood there watching intently I thought it would make a nice picture and immediately snapped.

Taken with the Pentax 35mm f2.4 on the Pentax K200D


Feasting in the sun


This is another one taken at Lalbagh during the ‘Flower Show’. No sooner had I taken my Macro filter assembly off, when the Mrs. points this out. I immediately recomposed and shot with no clue of what the settings on my DSLR are. The Flash was still on, the aperture was way smaller than I would have preferred, but a little post processing did the job.

Taken with my standard Pentax 18-250mm lens on the Pentax K200D.

The Big Leap


It has been a while, over 5 months. Other pressing needs kept me away.

Last weekend, I happened to visit the ‘Flower Show’ at Lalbagh, Bangalore. I thought it will be a good opportunity to hone my macro skills. However, this was not to be. The place was crawling with people with the crowd clamouring to get a glimpse of the exotic flowers on display.

I moved to another section of the park, which gave ample opportunity to practice some shots and hey presto ! I saw this ‘big’ guy. I screwed on the assembly of  my HOYA +10 macro filters atop my Pentax 18-250mm lens and started a rapid fire.

This one was perhaps one of the better ones. Will post some more of the good shots from that day. So long then.