I am from India, an IT Project Manager/Consultant by Profession and a photographer as a hobbyist.
Photography was always a hobby but did not take off until about 6 years before when I travelled to Japan and bought my first Sony P&S compact from the Electronic Town of Akhiabara.
I did use my Agfa film compact gifted by my Dad on my 13th birthday for a long time and got to grapple with my uncles second hand Hasselblad during my youth.

After shooting with compacts for a long time I migrated to the Pentax SLR some time back and have been enjoying it ever since.

I love shooting wildlife (especially birds) and landscapes but I must admit that the thrill of capturing wildlife surpasses everthing. At the end of the day in the field, even if have captured one perfect shot, my eyes sparkle like that of a kid who has been successful in raiding his grandmother’s cookie jar 🙂

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Flickr: Kamalpreet S. Sawhney’s Photostream


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